An easy way to stop drinking

Is there really an easy way to stop drinking? And if it exists, what is its essence? Since you landed on this page, it means it's not easier. Either you yourself think that you are stuck in alcoholism or you feel that the green snake is wrapping itself more and more around your neck. Or your loved one or relative has become addicted to alcohol and you don't want to write it off and bury it prematurely. So, let's see if there is an easy way in nature to stop drinking and what it is.

vicious circle

Have you promised to stop drinking 10 times, but in the end you find yourself with a glass of ice cold beer in your hands? Then this article is about you. Anti-alcoholism and starting problems are relevant today in almost every third family.

Stop consuming alcohol

Let's find out what options there are in the modern era, which ones are painful and which ones are not.

It takes willpower to stop drinking. Almost all alcoholics have heard this phrase. The essence of this "will" is to say a firm no to yourself and defeat the insidious snake. Dedicating yourself to sports, work, self-education and necessary needs, and ideally quitting smoking, is such a beautiful fairy tale.

Why a fairy tale? Because alcohol addiction is a disease, just like a broken leg, chickenpox, decompression sickness, drug addiction, the essence of which is the need to be filled with fire water to maintain life. And at a certain point it generally becomes a necessary fuel, like coffee and cigarettes (also an addiction). Therefore, you cannot simply refuse, despite your will, no matter how strong it may be, but we will still consider this option.


I'm tired of everything! I'm stronger than alcohol!

Let's say you really want to stop drinking yourself and believe in yourself. Of course, you need to pour out all the alcohol, do not attend events with alcohol - there will be attraction, whether you want to quit or not. If you drank a lot, a sudden refusal is undesirable: the body needs to be cleansed, it is advisable to do this under the supervision of a doctor or organize a detox.

After that, do what you want, but do not be inactive: cook food at home, work, you can play sports slowly (preferably after a month your body is weak), read books, watch good films, etc. Don't get involved with people who drink - they know the power they have over those who decide to leave their proud drunken society, so don't be surprised if they start to despise you.

If you still have the strength to throw

Do you have any strength left? Stop smoking, eat fatty foods and go to bed no later than ten. Only a few out of a thousand can do it, but trying is not torture. Don't give in to internal persuasion: "Well, a little is okay? " or "It's Friday" and the lesson itself is generally "I've already proven that I can live without alcohol, so I have the right to do so! "

They have proven otherwise if you think you have the right to drink.

Why is this option obviously false? Because no one takes into account the fact that alcoholism is a mental illness that requires the intervention of a psychiatrist, and not a fairy godmother and a strong core, in order to quit. How can you help a patient if she has an addictive disease and denies help? Draw an analogy with schizophrenics and mentally ill people, then it will become clear that without the intervention of a person in a white coat it is quite difficult (almost impossible).

12 step program

Hello everyone, my name is. . . and I'm an alcoholic!

Like Narcotics Anonymous, there are Alcoholics Anonymous, who meet in groups around town and discuss how hard life is for them, but how good it is for others. It seems very funny that you come to this event and watch recovering alcoholics with gloomy faces who take turns saying "My name is . . . I'm an alcoholic" - "Hello . . . ! We welcome new (gloomy) faces ! "

It's worth a try, if you've never been, someone finds themselves there and starts living the 12 step recovery program, why not? In war all means are good, especially with such an insidious enemy.

What is the program based on?

The program is based on the fact that alcoholics and drug addicts (which are essentially the same thing) are flawed people. Well, they were born like that, while others were born with virtue, with generosity, kindness and decency, as if parents chose the characteristics of the child at birth and pumped their hero. But they didn't pump up alcoholics, they decided that they would be alcoholics, vicious, strong-willed people, and they, in turn, decided that this was not a bug at birth, but a distinctive feature.

After you realize your shortcomings at AA meetings, you, with the help of a Higher Power (God, the Universe, Astrology, Indian mantras or the Banana - whatever you believe in, rely on ) work on yourself, ask the Supreme Power to get rid of character defects and enjoy the meeting with life. AA and NA become life for you, you are inseparable from them, get well, because alcoholism and drug addiction are an "incurable" disease!


There are different codings: for a month, 3 months, 6 or more. Having been coded, you feel defective, as if you were forbidden something, like a child. Imagine being told not to eat with a fork. It would seem: what is in these forks? What, I can't do it without a fork? Why then do others eat and I don't? - and here they are, forks, silver, aluminum, golden - take the one that catches your eye, there are the three-pronged dessert forks, there are the golden salad ones. . . But you can not!

Approximately with the same logic you look at people who drink alcohol, only you are also attracted to it and are afraid of death in case of poisoning. Take a fork - an ambulance. If you are ready to live in this fear and doom, then you can code. Even for drug addicts there is a drug coding that blocks opium receptors. Not a bad option if you still have a drug addiction; using it with it does not work, but there is a risk that the addict will try to increase the dosage and overdose.

Rational psychotherapy

There is a wonderful method to stop drinking with the help of rational psychotherapy. The method was developed by doctors. The essence of the method is that alcoholism is the same disease, the symptoms of which are expressed in the compulsive desire to drink, self-deception ("Well, just a little more will be enough"), anosognosia and psychodefenses ( " Drinking is normal! I'm not an alcoholic! Alcoholics stay under the fence! ") and disorders of the limbic and sympathetic systems.

With the use of a substance to which dependence occurs, e. g. from drugs (ethanol was included in the register of such substances) the hormonal system is disturbed and the brain adapts in such a way that it requires another high. You are tired at work, tired of your personal life, your house is not beautiful, the country is not the same - you are waiting for Friday to allow you to exhale, can't you find a pattern?

Have you ever been so tired that you needed alcohol to relax, especially when you were peeling nettles or playing shogou as a child? Have you always yelled at your wife or fought over alcohol? Congratulations, you already have psychoprotection and anosognosia.

Enough, I have the right to drink, what kind of psychoprotection are you talking about?

Everyone is inclined to think that a person has the right to live as he wants and to eat what he wants. No, because alcoholism and drug addiction are socially dangerous diseases: 90% of crimes are committed under the influence of drugs, children suffer from drunken parents, in how many cases did a drunk man tear his wife apart with a ax jealousy.

Was he the kind of person who would take him and tear him to pieces? Or was he born defective? Or has he degenerated due to constant drinking? When asked what the worst drug is, we can definitely say alcohol, as it is insidious, dangerous and socially approved.

How easy is it to give up alcohol?

But it's not easy, it's not like pressing the off button. You won't be able to give up a bottle in the morning without difficulty.

To overcome alcoholism, you need to listen to the kind Aibolit in a white coat and fulfill his requests. If he tells you not to drink or exercise, then you shouldn't do it. You won't argue with the doctor if you ask why the cast needs to be removed in a month and not tomorrow? Same case.

Why isn't it easy? What's the hardest thing about quitting drinking?

The hardest thing about quitting drinking is admitting your addiction. Alcoholics are mistaken for vicious, brazen and depraved people, as if alcohol reveals the true essence of a person, what he is like inside. Alcoholics turn into tyrants, hysterics and clowns; Who is interested in communicating with these people? But these are not people, but the result of degradation, they are silent about this or do not want to notice it.

Indeed, alcohol slowly but surely burns the central nervous system, and therefore people experience the miracles of hangovers and encephalopathy, delirium tremens and other psychoses.

It is impossible to answer the question "which is the simplest method". This is a wrong question, from the series "how to make a million easily" or "how to win the lottery". You can answer the question "how to tie it exactly once and for all". If from your wording of the question it seems that it would be easier to do this, you already want to leave so that they do it for you, and irresponsibility, alcoholic citizens, is a consequence of use.

How can you still heal?

In the treatment of alcoholism, the help of loved ones and relatives is needed, since the disease is social. It is by applying an antireflex to drinking that you can refuse it. If you want to help your husband or wife, be prepared to become their enemy at first.